DAQExpress Crash at Launch or With Exception Code 0xC0000005

Updated Mar 14, 2024

Reported In


  • DAQExpress

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

  • I just installed DAQExpress but I was never able to successfully launch it. The program always crashes after the loading screen.
  • When starting DAQExpress, I receive a crash report with exception code 0xC0000005. How can I resolve this?
  • The below message appears when I try to create a new project in DAQExpress. What causes this?

We ask for your understanding for any inconvenience.

In DAQExpress <version> a problem occurred. The program must be closed. To find the cause of the problem, please send this log to National Instruments.

Exception: Access violation (0xC0000005) with EIP=(0x00007FFEA7358190)
Version: <version information>


DAQExpress can crash due to a number of reasons, including:
  • Missing or corrupt .NET components.
  • Corrupt installation.
  • Conflict with 3rd party software or drivers.
  • Insufficient permissions.
  • Firewall or proxy blocking connection.
  • Windows region settings.
  • 3rd party anti-virus software.

Refer to the points below to find the root cause and resolve this issue.
  1. The .NET Framework is a critical component of DAQExpress that must be installed for DAQExpress to work as expected.
    • .NET Framework 4.6.2 is the minimum required version.
  2. The .NET Framework components may be corrupt. Run the [External] .NET Framework Repair Tool to verify if this is the case.
  3. In case the software is corrupt, try reinstalling DAQExpress through NI Package Manager. Refer to Installing, Updating, Repairing, and Removing NI Software for instructions. 
    • Note: It is recommended to use the latest version of DAQExpress. Ensure that the software is up to date.
  4. DAQExpress can crash if it conflicts with a 3rd party software or process. To check if this is the case, Clean Boot the Windows PC.
  5. Try running DAQExpress as an administrator.
  6. Ensure that the PC's firewall is not blocking the required communication ports. If using a proxy, verify that it has been configured correctly.
  7. A crash can occur due to Windows Region Settings if the PC is not using an English operating system. try changing the Region Settings to English:
    • Go to Settings >> Time and Language >> Region and Language >> Windows Display Language and change it to English (United States).
    • Restart the system.
  8. If using a 3rd party anti-virus or anti-malware software, try disabling or uninstalling it.
    • Sophos and McAfee anti-virus have been known to cause issues in the past. If using Sophos, it is necessary to completely uninstall it since it can still cause crashes even when disabled.

Additional Information

If DAQExpress continues to crash after following these steps, contact NI Support with a copy of the crash report.

This is a well know issue that happens with a recent Sophos update (February 2024) that crashes multiple NI products. R&D is aware of that and the ticket was already reported to Sophos Team. There isn't much we can do at our end. The workaround is to whitelist our executables or turn down  the firewall.