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NI Software Compatibility With Anti-Virus Software

Updated May 21, 2024

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)
  • LabWindows/CVI
  • DIAdem
  • FlexLogger

Issue Details

  • I am upgrading or installing NI software (LabVIEW, NI MAX, LabWindows, CVI, etc.) on a PC running anti-virus software. Is there a compatibility list confirming NI software works with my anti-virus?
  • After upgrading software my application is now being quarantined by my anti-virus software, how do I troubleshoot this issue?


Unfortunately, NI can not test for compatibility issues with all 3rd party software such as anti-virus programs, so there is not a definitive answer for your specific anti-virus program.

Nevertheless, NI can provide advice on how to avoid issues while installing our software (such as LabVIEW):
  • If you are having issues while installing our software, especially with the web installer, you can potentially resolve them by turning off anti-virus and firewalls during installation.
    • Be sure to re-activate the anti-virus after installing NI software.
  • If you have physical media, try installing your NI software from the media instead of through our website.

If you have issues with a built application after a recent update, the best first step is to try rebuilding the application. If the problem persists, the next best step is to try to isolate the problem to see what part or parts of the application are being flagged by the anti-virus software.  Once the issue has been isolated, if a user exception can be added for the problem that would be the next step. Otherwise, the file can be submitted to the anti-virus company as a false positive for them to add an exception for the file. Also, you can look into the anti-virus website as they can have tools or links to assist with analyzing the PC or cleaning files.

If these do not help you can also open a request to contact NI Technical Support .