PXIe-8881 Does Not Support My Chassis

Updated Mar 29, 2024

Reported In


  • PXIe-8881

Issue Details

NI MAX warns me that my chassis is not supported, but my PXI system is still working properly.



The controller will just put itself into a low power state as long as PXI Platform Services is installed and the NI PXI Resource Manager is set to Active. The message shown in MAX confirms that the controller is going into a low-power state. Basically, it'll limit the CPU power.
Only PXI Express chassis that support 82 W slot cooling capacity, such as the PXIe-1092 or PXIe-1095, support the PXIe-8881. Operation and performance are not guaranteed in other chassis across the operating conditions outlined in the PXIe-8881 Specification, so NI warns the customers that they are using the controller in an unsupported chassis. Refer to This document for more information on chassis power and cooling capacity.


Additional Information

In addition to this warning message, the module cooling capacity will show in NI MAX, to have limited functions as explain in this document