Error During LabVIEW Installation in Windows from LabVIEW CD or USB

Updated May 29, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

When I try to install LabVIEW, I receive an error that prevents me from installing LabVIEW. How do I resolve this so I can install LabVIEW?

The following are some of the typical error messages that might be displayed if installation fails while installing from the LabVIEW CD or USB:
  • Internal Error 1311: Cannot find .cab file
  • Internal Error 2203: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\44f602.ipi, -2147287035
  • This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down
  • Internal Error 2355
  • Please run regsvr32 on msi.dll
  • Error: Windows SDK function returned an error. (Error code -12)
  • Internal Error 110: Failed to Initialize Installer
  • Need latest version of Windows Installer


In order to install LabVIEW, try the troubleshooting steps below:
  1. If possible download and run the LabVIEW installer from our website
  2. If you do not have internet access or are not able to download the installer, copy the entire contents of the CD/USB to a folder on the hard disk and then run the installer. While copying over the contents of the CD/USB, make sure that you select the option Show Hidden Files so that you are able to copy all the folders on the CD/USB. 
    • Note: If you receive an error while copying the contents of the CD/USB and have a second networked Windows computer, load the disk in the second computer, copy the CD/USB to its hard disk and then share that folder over the network using Windows File Sharing.
  3. If neither of the above two steps are an option (and you are trying to download from a CD), navigate to the CD-ROM drive vendor’s website and see if a driver or firmware update is available for your CD drive.

Additional Information

Since the installer for LabVIEW is based on the Microsoft Windows Installer Service, sometimes the version of the service installed on the machine is older than the one required by the LabVIEW installer. In some cases, the Installer Service itself is not installed. This can be the case with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, and 2000. 

Windows XP contains Windows Installer 3.0 and should not experience an error due to this problem. The Windows Installer 3.0 is available on Microsoft’s website. Simply install the appropriate version, reboot your computer, and retry the LabVIEW installation.