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Why Am I Getting Error 2203 When Trying to Install NI Software?

Updated Nov 2, 2022

Issue Details

While installing software from NI, I receive Internal Error 2203. This error causes the install process to exit. What is causing this error and how do I install my software?


Error 2203 is a Microsoft MSI installer error. It usually occurs when the Microsoft Installer cannot open a database file required for installation. The typical error message will look something like this, with the name of .ipi file generally being the main difference:

Internal Error 2203. C:\WINDOWS\Installer\44f602.ipi, -2147287035

This error is a result of a Windows setting or problem with the Windows operating system. The following suggestions will generally allow you to resolve this error and to install the software properly:
  • Determine if it is an installation error that is specific to NI software by attempting to open a non-NI Microsoft MSI installer. Most Microsoft software uses MSI installers (i.e. MS Office). If the same error occurs, it may be an operating system error. 
  • Try copying the entire contents of the installation CD onto the target computer's hard drive. Run the installation Setup file from the hard drive. The installation should complete normally. 
  • This error message can also be a result of incorrect permissions to certain directories. Make sure that you are logged into the computer as Administrator or that you have administrative privileges. Also, the error occurs commonly when the SYSTEM user does not have permissions to the install folder.
  • If you are logged on as an Administrator and are still seeing this error, check to make sure that you are running the installation with administrative privileges by right clicking on the setup executable, selecting Properties»Security, then making sure that Administrator is selected under "Group or user names:" In Windows Vista and 7, you can also right click the setup executable and select Run as Administrator.
  • The error could be caused by certain antivirus programs that are potentially blocking permission to the install folder. Disable any antivirus software present on the system and disconnect from the internet for the duration of the install.
  • To correct any possible problems with the Microsoft Windows Installer, reinstall the Microsoft Windows Installer from a fresh download of the software from Microsoft's website. Note that Windows 7 uses the latest version of Windows Installer (V 5.0), which cannot be reinstalled or downloaded at present.   
  • If the above steps do not resolve the issue, and you are able to successfully install the software on another computer (indicating that the CD and install process works properly), then most likely your operating system is corrupt and will need to be reinstalled.