How Can I Build a Volume License Installer Using Multiple NI Installers?

Updated Apr 28, 2023



  • Volume License Manager
  • NI Package Builder

This article goes through the steps to create a Volume License Installer (VLI) with multiple installers, as Volume License Manager (VLM) only allows for the selection of one installer.

NI Volume License Manager can be used to create a VLI which installs software and automatically configures client machines to use licenses from a volume license server.

The VLI Wizard only allows the selection of one installer. If you would like to use more than one installer sources in your VLI you will need to use NI Package Builder to build a custom installer first.
  1. Follow How Can I Build a Custom Installer for Multiple NI Products? to build an installer including all the NI Software you would like to include in your VLI.
  2. Open NI Volume License Manager and select Tools»Create Volume License Installer to start the VLI wizard. 
  3. Ensure the Administration Information (editable in Tools»Preferences»General) is correct and select Next.
  4. Select any NI installer for the Installer Source and fill the other fields. This software will be replaced with the installer from Step 1 later. 
  5. Select Configure client machines to connect to a volume license server to check out licenses and Next.
  1. Select the appropriate permission options for the clients. If are using unmanaged concurrent licensing, or you want the licensing association to run silently, you must select Do not allow clients to request permission to join any groups.
  1. Follow the remaining steps in the wizard and select Build.
  2. Navigate to the VLI build directory and delete the contents of the _Src folder.
  1. Replace the contents of the _Src folder with the installer built in Step 1. It should look similar to the below:
  1.  Running the install.exe in the main VLI build directory will install your custom installer, and point clients to your server. This installer can be moved to another computer or a network drive for deployment.
If you want to run this installer silently you must do this in two parts, install.exe in the _src folder and vlmclient.exe in the client folder. See Silent Installation of a Volume License Installer for 2019 Software .

Note: For creating a Volume License Installer (VLI) with 2019 and newer software, you will need NI Volume License Manager version 3.2.0 and above. If you use FlexNET Publisher (formerly FlexLM) you can email  to request a temporary VLM license to create your VLI.