How to Log Data Periodically in FlexLogger?

Updated Sep 30, 2021

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  • FlexLogger

Issue Details

How can I log sensor data every 30 seconds by using FlexLogger?


Periodic data logging in FlexLogger can be achieved by enable Export automatically to CSV file format when logging completes feature under TDMS logging section in Logging Specification tab as illustrated by image below.

You may adjust the value of CSV file data rate accordingly to suit your application requirement. Image above showing CSV file data rate value of 100Hz which equivalent to data logging of every 100 milliseconds.

Additional Information

Periodic data logging in FlexLogger is achieved by extracting data from the generated TDMS file to CSV file. Therefore, two files (TDMS file and CSV file) will be generated at the end of the test where CSV file consists of the data based on the configured CSV file data rate. With that said, CSV file will only be generated after TDMS file finished its recording.

The maximum time interval for periodic data logging in FlexLogger depends on the minimum value allowed for the CSV file data rate. Since the minimum value for CSV file data rate is 0.005Hz, the maximum time interval allow for periodic data logging would be 3.33 minutes.