Client PC’s CPU, Memory, and Disk Usage Cannot Be Confirmed on Systemlink Server

Updated Mar 14, 2024

Reported In


  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink Software Configuration Module

Issue Details

Multiple client PCs are connected to SystemLink server and registered in the system manager. With the Health Monitoring Tag, it is possible to check the CPU, memory, and disk usage information of the server itself, but I cannot check the information of the client PC. Other than installing SystemLink Client on the client PC, is there any software or settings that need to be installed?


For the settings on the client PC side, you need to install System Link Client and connect it to the server according to the procedure in this document.

This issue is often caused by the NI Web server hosting the SystemLink Web Application on the server PC being configured not to accept remote connections. To allow the server to accept remote connections, configure as follows:

If the above settings do not work, there may be a problem with the domain settings on the network. If the server PC is not joined to the domain, communication by domain name is not possible, so change the preferred host name to the IP address of the server as shown below and, click the Apply and restart button.

After making the above changes, if the problem persists, restart the NI Web Server, log back in to SystemLink Web Application, and wait about 10 minutes to see CPU, memory, and disk usage information. .