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Monitoring Client CPU and Memory Usage Using Systemlink Server

Updated Mar 18, 2024



  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink Software Configuration Module

Information on the CPU, memory, and disk usage of the client registered in the SystemLink server can be confirmed by logging in to the SystemLink Web Application from a browser. This procedure requires a System Link Server license and a Software Configuration Module license. Here, register the client device in the server and check it from SystemLink Web Application.

Settings on the client PC

  1. Install SystemLink Client on the client PC and start it. 
※Make sure to download a Systemlink Client compatible with your SystemLink Server. The SystemLink Server is backward compatible with SystemLink Clients and should be able to communicate with older SystemLink Clients up to 3 major versions ago.
  1. Enter the IP of the server PC in SystemLink Client to connect. The server and client must be in the same network and able to communicate with each other.

Settings on the server PC

  1.  Log in to SystemLink Web Application on the SystemLink server and open System Management. The client you just connected to is pending in the "Pending System" section.
  1. Select Approve to bring the client under the control of the server.
  1. You can check the information of the approved system in System Management>>System.(※Note that user interface might slightly differ depending on the SystemLink Server version)

The CPU, memory, and disk usage of the selected client PC is sent from the client PC to the server PC by the Health Monitoring Tag of the tag viewer.

What to do if information transfer from the client to the server does not work

You need as many SystemLink Software Configuration Module licenses as you have registered Clients on the server PC.

The SystemLink Software Configuration Module license is consumed when the client is activated the first time it connects to the server PC. The second and subsequent connections will automatically consume the license when you connect.
To activate a client, from Systems Management, Select the client you want to activate, go to More and click Activate.

You can transfer CPU, memory, and disk usage information from the client device to the server by performing the above activation. If the above does not work, check the NI Web server settings on the server PC.