NI OPC Server Activated in LIcense Manager but Still Expires in 2 Hours

Updated Jan 3, 2019

Reported In


  • NI License Manager
  • OPC Servers

Issue Details

I have installed NI OPC Server and have licensed it in License Manager, but when I open NI OPC Server Configuration, I see that it is still in demo mode and has a 2 hour count down timer in the title bar.  Once the time expires, NI OPC Server Configruation automatically closes.


  1. Confirm that you have activated NI OPC Server in License Manager. 
  2. Go to the Notification Area in the taskbar and search for the NI OPC Server icon .
  3. Right-click on the NI OPC Server icon.
  4. Select Stop Runtime Service.
  5. Select Exit

Additional Information

NI OPC Quick Client will automatically close after 2 hours, regardless of if NI OPC Server is activated or not.