Do the Ethernet Ports of CompactRIO-903x Support Jumbo Frames?

Updated Sep 8, 2023

Reported In


  • cRIO-9030
  • cRIO-9034
  • cRIO-9039
  • CompactRIO Controller
  • IC-3173

Issue Details

I want to acquire images from GigE Vision Camera to my CompactRIO-9030 (cRIO-9030). 
Is this possible? 


Yes, jumbo frames are supported in CompactRIO-903x.

Once, you plug in GigE Vision camera to one of the Ethernet port of CompactRIO (cRIO), a dialog pops up asking if you want to enable Jumbo Frames. 
If you click Yes on this dialog, Jumbo Frames are enabled and the setting is saved on the cRIO in /etc/natinst/share/ni-rt.ini. The line mtu="9000", is added under the [eth1] section of the file.

You can also enable jumbo frames programmatically on cRIO with SSH. To do so, follow the steps in Enabling Jumbo Frames on a NI Linux Real-Time Controller.

Additional Information

Meanwhile, Ethernet ports of cRIO-906x can only set up to MTU of 1500 so they do not support jumbo frames.