NI Vision Error 0x80040217 Undetermined Error Code

Updated Apr 29, 2020

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Issue Details

When I try to use my Laptop Integrated Camera or my FLIR Boson camera to acquire an image in NI-MAX I get an error message that states: Error 0x80040217 An undetermined Error Code has been encountered. Please note the Error Code and Contact National Instruments Technical support for more information


For the Laptop Integrated camera: an unknown error that occurs with a DirectShow camera is the error that IMAQdx shows when there is a lower-level error that occurs with either the camera driver or the DirectShow driver. Make sure all of the webcam drivers are up to date and that there weren't any issues with the Vision Software installation. Additionally, try using a third party piece of software to interface with the laptop camera to ensure that there are no Direct-show compatibility issues generic to the camera. 

For the FLIR Boson Camera:  Check the vendor documentation for your camera to see if it is listed as mode Y16. The pixel format of Y16 is not recognized by NI MAX and it is currently not supported by IMAQdx. 

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