NI Vision Error 0x80040217 Undetermined Error Code

Updated Nov 3, 2020

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Issue Details

When I try to use my Laptop Integrated Camera or my FLIR Boson camera to acquire an image in NI-MAX I get an error message that states: Error 0x80040217 An undetermined Error Code has been encountered. Please note the Error Code and Contact National Instruments Technical support for more information


For the Laptop Integrated camera or other DirectShow Camera: This error likely indicates that there is some bad interaction between the camera driver and the Windows DirectShow framework or between the camera driver and the NI-IMAQdx driver.
  • Confirm that there is no bad interaction with the Windows DirectShow framework by accessing the camera with some other third party application. For example: Windows Camera.
    • If you are able to take pictures and video with other software, then there is no issue related to the Windows DirectShow framework.
    • if you are unable to use the camera in other applications, then the issue is due to a broken camera driver. Updating your camera driver is a potential solution to this problem. Camera drivers are typically distributed by the laptop manufacturer (for integrated cameras) or by the camera manufacturer (non-integrated cameras).
  • If you suspect that there might be an issue with the NI Vision software on your computer, there are a few options available.

For the FLIR Boson Camera:  Check the vendor documentation for your camera to see if it is listed as mode Y16. The pixel format of Y16 is not recognized by NI MAX and it is currently not supported by IMAQdx. 

Additional Information

This error can also be caused by an issue with the camera hardware itself and does not necessarily indicate a software or driver issue.

If your camera vendor has its own camera configuration software and you can select the same video modes error in the software, please try this software.
If the software cannot get image with video mode which shows error in NI MAX, it may mean that your camera or camera driver does not support that video mode.