CompactDAQ Module Can’t be Identified in The MAX After Restarting the Computer

Updated Jun 8, 2018

Reported In


  • CompactDAQ Chassis
  • NI-9244


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I have two sets of cDAQ-9188XT with NI-9244 connected to the local network. When I restart my computer, the 9188 chassis can be identified but the 9244 module are showed disconnected in MAX. I must click self-test then the module can be identified. Is there any way to avoid manual self-test?


The following reasons will lead to the above problem:
  • IP (dynamic or) static setting causes unstable links。
  • Restarting computer will allocate a certain amount of time to deal with other application service request, this will cause NI Device Loader and NI Configuration Manager Services out of time, so the computer can’t correct loading some startup items.
There are two solutions:
  • Configure cDAQ's IP address
    • cDAQ is directly connected to the computer.It is recommended to set cDAQ's IP address as a static IP address, and the IP address of the computer is set to IP automatically.
    • cDAQ is connected to local network. It is found that no matter how IP address is set, the module will not be recognized. Under this situation, it is recommended to use software programming to deal with.
  • Software programming
    • Using the DAQmx Data Acquisition API.
DAQmx Self-Test located in Measurement I/O >> DAQmx-Data Acquisition >> DAQmx Device Configuration. Specific information can be found in help doc as follow picture.
when the name of the corresponding chassis input to this vi, the chassis will self-test automatically. If the device is disconnected, the error code -88705 will be received. If the device is not found, the error code -200220 will be received.
Note: when self-checking, the corresponding equipment according to the name of the access device will be checked, not all the devices in the system.
  • Using the System Hardware Self-Test API, located in Measurement I/O >> DAQmx-Data Acquisition >> System Configuration >>Hardware Management. Specific information can be found in help doc as follow picture.


Additional Information

  • Example of DAQmx Self-Test

If you want to know the module information under specific chassis, you can select the DAQmx device attribute node. ActiveDev access the chassis name, and Chassis.ModuleDevNames can display the information of the module.
  • Example of System

The system hardware self-test API can cooperate with the following API (initialization session, create the filter, find the hardware), it can detect the hardware unification in the system, and choose the right way to use it according to its own requirements.


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