DIAdem BLF File Import Failure with "Extended Settings"

Updated Feb 20, 2023

Reported In


  • DIAdem

Issue Details

I'm running Vector BLF CAN files through DIAdem's Bus Log Converter and am receiving the error:

Bus Log Converter error: Cannot create TDM file with the extended settings. Refer to the DIAdem logfile for more information.

How can I get around this error?


  • Ensure that your log file adheres to the accepted data format. In a new Bus Log Converter session, ensure that all the communication buses are defined by the appropriate .dbc file. 
  • If you are using Vector CANalyzer version 10 SP3 to create your log files, upgrade to DIAdem 2018 which has an updated Bus Log Converter to handle the extended CAN frames written to BLF files by that specific CANalyzer version. 

Additional Information

If you cannot upgrade to DIAdem 2018, a viable workaround is to run the file created in CANalyzer v 10 SP3 through version 10 without a service pack.  The resultant file should read into DIAdem correctly, as the older CANalyzer version will strip out the extended frames. 

If you are converting a Vector BLF LIN file, you may run into this same error. Please try updating DIAdem to 2021 SP1 version or later.