Dimensions of PXI Cards That Fit Into Single PXI Slots

Updated Apr 27, 2023

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I am looking at designing or purchasing a compactPCI card to go inside of my PXI chassis, but I'm not sure if it will fit correctly in the slot. What are the dimensions of a PXI card that will fit in a single PXI slot?


PXI is an implementation of the compactPCI form factor so compactPCI cards of the 3U form factor will work in a PXI chassis. The dimensions for a single PXI slot card and the compactPCI 3U form factor are 3.96 in. x 6.3 in. x .8 in. or 10 cm x 16 cm x 2 cm as can been seen in the images below. This is an industry standard set by the [External] PXI System Alliance (PXISA). The thickness of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) measures 0.126 in. or 3.2 mm, and is located 0.147 in. or 3.73 mm from the left edge of the module (when viewed from front of module, as specified by [External] PICMG 2.11 Revision 1.0 Power Interface Short Form Specification).

Figure 1: PXI Card Height and Length Dimensions

Figure 2: PXI Card Width

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