Find My FRC Team's NI Serial Number to Activate Software

Updated Oct 25, 2020



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  • I can't find my FRC Serial Number or License.
  • I have lost my LabVIEW Serial Number for FIRST.
  • My Kit of Parts (KoP) is missing the LabVIEW and NI Update Suite Liense Number. Why am I missing it? Was it not included in the KoP?
  • How can I find the serial number (SN) to activate my FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) software if I have lost my software packet that came in this year's FRC kit of parts?

2019 Season and Onward

Have your Lead Mentor 1 or 2 log in to your team’s account at to access your serial number by clicking on Passwords/Voucher Codes.
  1. Log in to with a lead mentor account. 
  2. Navigate to My Dashboard and click on your team.
  3. Click the blue Payment & Product button and select Passwords/Voucher Codes from the drop-down menu.
  4. In the list of companies, click on National Instruments and find your serial number there. Save this serial number for later in the installation process.

2018 Season and before

Additional Information

You can find FRC software for the season via the FIRST Robotics Competition Resource Hub at When you have your serial number, you can use it to activate your FRC software products on any team computer with the software installed.

Note that the serial number will only activate the products that you need. Other products such as Debug Deployment System or Base Development System are not necessary.

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