Configuring Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) to Drive a Yaskawa Servo Motor Using a Digital Signal

Updated Sep 27, 2022

Reported In


  • PCI-7344
  • PCI-7342
  • PCI-7352
  • PCI-7356
  • PCI-7354
  • PXI-7358
  • PXI-7344
  • PXI-7342
  • PXI-7352
  • PXI-7354
  • PXI-7356
  • PCI-7358


  • Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX)


  • NI-Motion

Issue Details

I have a PCI-7344 with a UMI-7774 and a Yaskawa Servo Motor and Driver. I encountered problems controlling the motor with MAX using a digital signal.I have verified the connection is working. How should I configure MAX?


Two things you need to pay attention to:
  • Exclude the possibility that the enable signal is connected incorrectly
Connect the driver's enable pin directly to the ground of the 24V supply, and make sure the digital display indicates the driver is enabled..
  • Confirm the encoder's polarity is set correctly.
Push the motor manually and make sure the position count displayed in MAX reflects the motor's direction.
The configuration of the axes in MAX is as follow:


Additional Information

When selecting the type of axis in MAX, use the control signal type (number or analog), rather than the drive type. For example, if the axis is set to servo in MAX, it will output an analog signal instead of a digital signal, so it can not be used for position control. 

If you receive the following error in MAX, reference Following Error in a Motion Control System