LabVIEW Searching for a DLL or EXE Used in the Call Library Function Node

Updated Oct 6, 2018

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Issue Details

When I entered the name of a DLL in the Call Library Function Node configuration window, I did not specify the path to the DLL in the Library name or path field. I just entered the name of the DLL. Where will LabVIEW look for the DLL? Also, if I included the correct path but later moved the DLL, where will LabVIEW search?


LabVIEW is searching for a DLL in certain order:
  1. LabVIEW will first look in the location that you specified in Library name or path field in configuration window (to open the configuration window, right-click on the Call Library Function Node and select Configure).
  2. After that it will use the VI Search Path. The VI Search Path can be set in: Tools » Options in the category of Paths, then you need to choose the VI Search Path from the drop down list.

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