Setting Inter-Packet Delay for GigE Camera in NI MAX

Updated Dec 21, 2022



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  • NI-IMAQdx


GigE machine vision camera

I have multiple GigE cameras connected through the same Ethernet port in my computer. Because the cameras are sharing bandwidth, I am having problems with the acquisition, such as lost packets or limited frame rates. In the camera manufacturer's software, there is a parameter I can set called Inter-Packet Delay that can help ensure that packets from my cameras do not arrive at the same time. How do I set this parameter in NI MAX?

The IMAQdx driver allows you to indirectly control the Inter-Packet Delay parameter by setting Desired Peak Bandwidth property:
  1. Select your GigE camera under the Devices and Interfaces list in NI MAX.
  2. Click on the Camera Attributes tab.
  3. Click on View Options and ensure that All Attributes and Advanced are checked.
  1. Go to Acquisition Attributes » Advanced Ethernet » Bandwidth Control.
  2. You can now set the Desired Peak Bandwidth

Additional Information

NI does not have a specific recommendation for what value you should set Desired Peak Bandwidth. You can start by decreasing this value a little at a time until the acquisition from multiple cameras simultaneously performs as expected.