Which NI-CAN Frame API Functions does the NI USB-847x Device Support?

Updated Jun 28, 2018

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  • USB-8476
  • USB-8472
  • USB-8473
  • USB-8476S


  • NI-CAN

Issue Details

Are there any Frame API functions that are not supported by my NI USB-847x device?


Yes, the NI USB-847x devices do not support the CAN Object related subset of the Frame API functions. The following overview describes the subset of the Frame API features that can be used with USB CAN and USB LIN products.

Supported Functions (see limitations):
  • ncAction
  • ncClose
  • ncConnectTerminals / ncDisconnectTerminals
  • ncGetAttr / ncSetAttr
  • ncOpen
  • ncWaitForState
Unsupported Functions:
  • ncConfigCANNetRTSI
  • ncConfigCANObjRTSI
  • ncGetTimer
  • ncReadObj
  • ncReadObjMult
  • ncWriteObj

The Output On RTSI Line action is not supported.
ncConnectTerminals / ncDisconnectTerminals
For the devices with synchronization, the following source/destination terminals are supported:
  • RTSI0: Used to import/export start trigger from another device.
  • RTSI7 / RTSI Clock: Used to import/export timebase from another device.
  • 20MHz Timebase /Master Timebase: Used to export/import timebase to another device.
  • Start Trigger: Used to export/import start trigger to another device
ncGetAttr / ncSetAttr               
All CAN Object or RTSI related properties are not supported
The Read Multiple and Write Multiple states are not supported.

This applies to LabVIEW, C/C++ and VB.