How to Customize the Graph Indicator or Other UI Components

Updated Oct 2, 2023



  • LabVIEW

This article is meant to show you how to customize graph controls that you are using in your Front Panel, however, these same steps can be used to customize other type of Front Panel elements.

Use the following steps to customize your graph:

1. Place a graph in the Front Panel:
Waveform Graph.png

2. Right-click the graph>>Visible items to display any elements you want to add/customize like the Graph Palette. 
Graph Palette.png

3. Right-click on the graph again and select Advanced >> Customize.
4. A new window opens to define the control use it to edit the control appearance. If you want to resize certain elements, you may need to click Change to Customize Mode in the upper left corner as shown.

Change to Customize Mode.png

5. User interface elements related to the graph appear, and you can resize them if needed.

Graph elements.png

6. Customize as you want and then save it as a new control. When you close the window a dialog box appears asking if you want to replace the original control with the new one.

Replace Original Control.png

7. In this example the Graph Palette was resized, and the plot legend order was switched. 

Graph edited.png