How Can I Visualize an Adobe™ Acrobat™ PDF File Using LabVIEW?

Updated May 21, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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I am working with LabVIEW and I want to see an existing  Adobe™ Acrobat™ PDF in the front panel of my application, is there a native way to do this?


There is not an already built function or code that allows to visualize a  Adobe™ Acrobat™ PDF. However using ActiveX you can show it on a dialog box on the LabVIEW front panel.  In the Forum NI is available the following a example: Display PDF in Dialog box in LabVIEW

If you try to run the example and get error 3005, fix this issue re-inserting the ActiveX object following the instructions available on Error 3005 at ActiveX Automation Open in LabVIEW

Additional Information

If you are interested in modify a PDF file, you can do it using Exaprom PDF 2.0 as suggested on How Can I Write to a PDF or PDF Form with LabVIEW?


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