Error 0xBFF69002 Invalid Parameter: USB3 Vision Camera in NI MAX

Updated Jan 5, 2024

Reported In


  • NI-IMAQdx
  • Vision Acquisition Software

Issue Details

I am getting Error 0xBFF69002 invalid parameter when I click on any of my USB3 Vision cameras in NI MAX.

I have made sure the camera driver is set to IMAQdx in Windows Device Manager.


This behavior can be caused by a few factors.  Below are steps that have been able able to solve a number of such instances.  Continue on to the next step only if the steps you have tried out does not result in the camera working in NI MAX:
  1. Make sure that you have set up your USB3 Vision cameras correctly to work with NI software.
  2. If you have another computer, test out the USB3 Vision camera on that computer after setting it up with all the necessary hardware and software as listed in the Getting Started Guide.
  3. Remove camera description files:
    1. Unplug your USB3 Vision cameras from your computer.
    2. Navigate to C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI-IMAQdx\Data and move the .iid and .icd files corresponding to your camera to another folder for keeping (or you can delete them).
    3. Navigate to C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI-IMAQdx\Data\XML and move the .xml file corresponding to your camera to another folder for keeping (or you can delete them).
    4. Plug your USB3 Vision camera back into the computer and test in NI MAX.
  4. Repair NI IMAQdx , which will repair NI Vision Acquisition Software (NI VAS).
  5. If the USB3 Vision cameras still throw the same error in NI MAX, Force reinstall NI VAS.
    1. Ensure you do not force reinstall a version of NI VAS that does not match your current version
  6. Fix potential issues with the niimaqdx.dll file currently installed.
    1. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32. (If you have a 64-bit OS, you will also need to navigate to C:\Windows\SysWOW64.)
    2. In both locations, look for niimaqdx.dll
    3. Right-click on niimaqdx.dll and click on Properties >> Details
    4. Check to make sure that the Product version is the same as the version we are expecting based on the version of NI IMAQdx driver that is reflected in NI MAX under Software. If we are unsure if this is the correct version, go ahead and delete both of these niimaqdx.dll files.
    5. Uninstall VAS
    6. Install the version of VAS that you need. If possible, install the latest version of VAS that is compatible with the LabVIEW version you are currently using. To check compatibility, you can review the following documentation: Vision Acquisition Software and LabVIEW Compatibility.
    7. Restart your computer
    8. Test your camera in NI MAX again

Additional Information

In those cases when uninstalling and reinstalling does not solve the issue, you can force selection of the new driver was using the Device Manager:

1. Open the Device Manager.
2. Go to NI Vision Acquisition Devices.
3. Right clicked on NI-IMAQdx USB3 Vision Device.
4. Select the Update Driver option.
5. Browse computer for drivers >> "Let me pick from a list..." >> Select the required NI-IMAQdx driver.