Create a Custom Installer for 2019 NI Software

Updated Oct 10, 2019

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  • NI Package Builder
  • Package Manager
  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

  • I want to customize an installer for 2019 NI software and point the clients to a licensing server for activation. I want the client install to run silently.
  • I want to create an installer for 2019 NI software but don't have access to the volume licensing server to create an installer.  Is there another way for me to create an installer?


Note: The method described in this article only works for installers including only 2019 NI software or newer. If you want to mix 2019 software with older software, two installers will have to be made. One for the 2019 software and newer (as mentioned in this article), and one for the older software. 

The easiest way to create the installer for NI 2019 software is to utilize both NI Package Builder and NI Volume License Manager.
  1. NI Package Builder
    1. Download and install NI Package Builder
    2. Download the offline version of the NI Software you would like to install and mount the iso file. For this guide, we will use the NI Software Platform Bundle offline installer but any offline NI installer can be used.
    3. Open NI Package Builder and select the Installers and Repositories tab.

    4.  Click the icon with the stacked boxes and plus sign and select New Package Installer.

    5. After naming the installer, select it and click the icon with the box and green plus sign, then click Show Additional Sources... as is shown below. 

    6. A dialog window will appear, select the Installer Products tab and click Add Installer... 

    7. This will open a Windows Explorer dialog box where you will need to select the Install in the mounted directory for the download platform bundle. 

    8. Once selected, you will see all the available packages in the bundle. Select the software you would like to install for your custom installer and press OK. In this case, only LabVIEW and a module is selected. 

    9. After adding the packages, they will be visible under the Installer. Change the "Installation Behavior" from "Optionally Install" to "
      Always Install".

    10. Once you are finished adding your packages, Select the icon with the black boxes and blue down arrow and select Build Selected with your installer selected. The installer will save at the output directory given in the properties window in the lower right portion of the screen.
    11. The directory NI Package Builder creates the installer in can now be moved to another computer or a network drive for deployment.
Note: If you do not require volume licensing setup, skip Step 2 and go to Step 3 part d for a silent install.  
  1. NI Volume License Manager
    1. Open NI Volume License Manager on the server you wish the deployed computers to point to for licensing and select Create Volume License Installer. 

    2. The Volume License Installer Wizard will launch. The information displayed under Current Administrator Information can be changed in the Preferences menu. Press Next to continue with the creation process.
    3. Select any offline install file from NI for the Installer Source and fill the other fields. The software will not actually be installed on the deployment machines.
    4. Select Configure client machines to connect to a volume license server to check out licenses (this option is available in VLM 3.2) and makes sure the license server name matches the server you want to point the clients to and click Next >.
    5. Select the appropriate permission options for the clients and click Next >. If you want the licensing association to run silently, you must select Do not allow clients to request permission to join any groups.  
    6. Select a software to install if prompted, the software will only be used as a placeholder, click Next >.
    7. Click Build to build the volume installer.
    8. After it is built, navigate to the directory the installer is located in and copy the Client directory.
    9. Paste the copy of the Client directory in the same location as the previously built NI Package Builder installer (the directory on the other computer or the network drive).
  2. Silently Installing
    1. Copy the directory where both the installer files from Package Builder and the Client Directory are located to a client computer or accessible network drive.
    2. On the client computer, open a command prompt as an administrator and navigate to the above directory.
    3. Run the following command: start /wait Install.exe --passive --accept-eulas --prevent-reboot This will run the software installer you made in Package Manager silently and not require any user input.
  3. After Package Manager completes the installation, using the command prompt navigate into the Client directory and run the following command to setup licensing for the client: vlmclient.exe /q This sets up the licensing to use the server you configured with the Volume License installer and the /q flag makes it run without user input.


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