What is the Difference Between a Subcircuit and a Hierarchical Block in Multisim?

Updated Sep 9, 2022

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I would like to organize my circuit effectively using subcircuits and hierarchical blocks.  What is the difference between the two?


The difference between Subcircuits and Hierarchical Blocks is the way in which this block representation is saved. As a Subcircuit, the block is saved with the design file, so it can only exist within that one schematic. A Hierarchical Block is saved as a separate file (an individual Multisim schematic file) which has been linked into the initial design. By being a separate file the hierarchical block can be used numerous times and linked into any design.

Additional Information

In Multisim you are able to easily organize a circuit by taking a modular design approach. Both subcircuits and hierarchical blocks take sections of a circuit and replace its representation on a design with a block. With a Hierarchical Block you can organize a design so that particular sections of a circuit (such as a filter or an amplifier) are represented with a block which internally contains the circuit. Each block is treated as a component with input and output pins. If the block is double-clicked upon, a schematic representing the internal circuitry can be viewed and edited. 

For further details on how to create Hierarchical Blocks please refer to the tutorial Repeating Common Circuits in NI Multisim: Hierarchical Blocks .