Migrating Old DIAdem Scripts to Newer Versions

Updated Jun 21, 2023

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  • DIAdem

Issue Details

  • I have noticed that there are a few functions I use extensively through my applications that appear to be obsolete in 2017 version of DIAdem. These functions still work in my 2017 version of DIAdem however when coding in newer versions I notice these functions are missing. 
  • I have tried opening my old 2015 DIAdem scripts in DIAdem 2023 but the script does not work anymore. What is the reason for this behavior?


Over time, several functions in DIAdem have become outdated. If you're in the process of migrating a script and notice that it isn't functioning as expected, the recommendation is first to use the "Searching for Obsolete Commands and Variables" example. This helpful resource is specifically designed to assist in identifying any outdated commands within your scripts, making the conversion process a little easier.

Once you find the obsolete functions, look for the proper replacement simply by searching the name in DIAdem help, and replace the function name with the new one. 

Additional Information

DIAdem Help and DIAdem Scripts examples can be accessed by going to Help>>DIAdem Help>>Examples