Can I Use My DMM in 2-Wire Mode When It Is Connected in 4-Wire Mode?

Updated Oct 31, 2023

Reported In


  • Digital Multimeter Device
  • PXI-4065
  • USB-4065
  • PCI-4065
  • PCIe-4065

Issue Details

  • I want to use my DMM to measure multiple devices, some of which use a 4-wire measurement while others use a 2-wire measurement.  Can I leave the AI SENSE leads (used in 4-wire mode) connected to my DUT when I perform a 2-wire resistance measurement?
  • Are there any restrictions for the voltage differential between HI/LO and SENSE HI/LO when SENSE is not actively used for measurements?


You can leave the SENSE Leads connected for NI DMM models other than the 4065. Leaving the SENSE leads connected while taking a 2-wire measurement with the 4065 will result in incorrect measurements due to an internal switching resistor.

In other DMMs, there is no internal switching resistor and therefore, there is no restriction on the voltage differential between HI/LO and SENSE HI/LO making a 2-wire measurement connected in 4-wire mode.