None of the Computers You Selected Have Permissions to Any Licenses That Can Be Disconnected When Using NI Volume License Manager

Updated Sep 13, 2023

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

I am trying to generate a Disconnected License for one machine that does not have access to the server to pull the license via Network, by following the steps of this article. However, I am getting the following error and it is not letting me proceed.

 Disconnection error.jpg


This error might appear when you are trying to Disconnect a machine or a user that does not have any permissions correctly assigned in NI Volume License Manager for accessing the License.

To solve this:
  • Check if the machine or the user you are trying to disconnect has a license assigned to it. If the software does not detect any license assigned, it will not be possible to disconnect the user or the machine. See Adding Client Permissions for further information on how to assign the licenses correctly.
  • If you see the licenses correctly assigned and you are still having the same issue, contact NI Technical Support.

The error can also appear if the licenses on your Volume License Agreement are Unmanaged Concurrent. This type of licenses does not require assigning permissions, therefore, you cannot disconnect any user or computers.

Additional Information

This error might appear as well if you are clicking on "Create home license" and not "Disconnect". The creation of the home license is a different procedure and is available only for non-concurrent, non-debug, and non-deployment licenses. Please refer to this article to learn more about the difference between a "Home license" and a "Disconnect license".