Configure Font Size in the Word Report That Generated by MS Office Report Express VI

Updated Jun 12, 2023



  • LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit
  • LabVIEW

I am using the MS Office Report Express VI and it always inserts text/data in 10 point font. I opened the front panel of the express VI and I can't seem to find a section referencing the font size. How can I modify the text to insert at 12 point font?

MS Office Report Express VI don't provide edit font option. However, the font size can be edited in Microsoft Word/Excel template. 
  1. Open existing Microsoft Word template that you want to used. If you want to design new template, open Microsoft Word blank document.
  2. Add and edit content (font size, font style etc.) to your template.
    • 2.JPG
  3. Go to "Insert" tab >> "Link" >> "Bookmark", Insert bookmark in your template.
    •  3.JPG
  4. Save/Save as your word file as template format.
    • 4.jpg
  5. In Labview, select Template type as "Custom report to word" & path that word template file be saved. Press OK when done checking. 
    • 5.JPG
  6.  The bookmark in word template become input of Express VI. 
    • 6.JPG

If assigned input to Express VI, these inputs will be exported to the word template and be edited based on word template settings.