Discover and Rename PXI-6683H on Linux Desktop

Updated Aug 3, 2023



  • PXI-6683


  • NI-Sync 21.8
  • System Configuration

Operating System

  • Linux

This article will walk you through how to discover the PXIe-6683H and rename it on Linux Desktop, using the NI System Configuration API.

Device Discovery

  1. Open terminal and type nitimesynccli –listDevices .
  2. A list including all of the devices that are currently running will be displayed.
Note: Only typing nitimesynccli into the terminal will show all of the options for this command, among which --listDevices will be included.

Renaming a Device

  1. Make sure ni-syscfg-runtime and ni-syscfg-labview-[version]-support are installed.
  2. Open LabVIEW.
  3. Open Rename; this can be done two ways:
    1. Help -> Find Examples... -> Hardware Input and Output -> System Configuration -> Rename
    2. File -> Open... -> go to usr/local/natinst/labview/examples/nisyscfg and open Rename
  4. Open the block diagram of the VI and replace daqmx, ni-visa with ni-sync.
  5. Run the example according to the instructions from the front panel.