PXIe Controller Is Missing an Ethernet Adapter in NI MAX

Updated Jan 28, 2022

Reported In


  • PXI Controller


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Issue Details

My PXIe controller has 2 ethernet ports, but when I check in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) only one of the ethernet adapters shows up.
I need to use oth ethernet adapters, how can I fix this?


This issue is resolved by clearing the CMOS.
PX/PXIe controllers contain memory used to store BIOS configuration information, that is backed up by a battery, this is the CMOS. 

Steps to clear the CMOS can be found in the user manual for your specific PXI/PXIe controller in the "System CMOS" section. 
For example, if you used a PXIe-8880, you would go to the "System CMOS" Section of the NI PXIe-8880 User Manual.

Additional Information

Ensure power is removed to the PXI/PXIe chassis when reinserting the controller after clearing the CMOS as reinserting the controller after clearing the CMOS can cause the chassis to automatically power on - unless the power to the chassis has been removed first.