What Cable Can I Use for the PXIe-4302 and PXIe-4303

Updated Jan 24, 2022

Reported In


  • PXI Analog Input Module
  • SH96-96-2

Issue Details

  • I want to connect my PXIe-4302 to an external device but I can't find a cable that would allow me to do this. Does NI sell a compatible cable?
  • What type of cable connector can the PXIe-4303 use?
  • I want to buy a cable to connect my PXIe-4302 to a Terminal Block. Which one can I use?


The SH96-96-2 is a 96-pin DIN Male to 96-pin DIN Female Cable that can be used to connect to the PXIe-4302 or PXIe-4303 Analog Input Modules.

Use this to connect the PXI module to an compatible Terminal Block, such as the TB-4302 or TB-4302C. Refer to NI PXIe-4302/4303 and TB-4302/4302C User Guide and Terminal Block Specifications for further guidance.