Configuring Current Limit on NI PXI SMU

Updated Nov 26, 2021

Reported In


  • PXI-4130
  • PXI-4132
  • PXIe-4135
  • PXIe-4136
  • PXIe-4137
  • PXIe-4138
  • PXIe-4139
  • PXIe-4140
  • PXIe-4141
  • PXIe-4142
  • PXIe-4143
  • PXIe-4144
  • PXIe-4145
  • PXIe-4147
  • PXIe-4162
  • PXIe-4163


  • NI-DCPower

Issue Details

  • How to configure current limit for my SMU?
  • What is the difference between niDCPower Configure Current Limit Range VI and niDCPower Configure Current Limit VI?


If you need to configure the current limit for your SMU devices, you can use niDCPower Configure Current Limit VI and niDCPower Configure Current Limit Range VI.

Current Limit Range VI decides the resolution, while Current Limit VI defines limit. You will need to ensure that the value set for current limit is within the current limit range.

The bigger range will cause lower accuracy. It's encouraged to set the range just good enough to cover the limit to have better resolution.