Understanding the SFP Ports on NI USRP 2974

Updated Nov 22, 2021



  • USRP-2974

The NI USRP 2974 has a single board computer (SBC) integrated with X310 USRP, UBX-160 daughterboards, and a GPSDO. This USRP provides 2x SFP+ ports for data communication. This article will explain the internal connections of these SFP ports and how to access them.

The following is the (approximate) block diagram explaining the interfacing between external SFP ports with SBC and X310.
The SFP 1 from the device front panel connects to Port 0 of the X310 while the SFP 0 goes to NIC Port 1 which further interfaces to SBC. Port 1 of X310 interfaces with SBC via Port 0 as shown above.

IP Addresses with Default Bitfile (NI USRP Host API or UHD):
The following are the IP addresses of these ports when a default image/bitfile is used (with NI USRP host API or UHD device drivers).
LocationPortIP AddressInterface Type
X310Port 0192.168.10.21GbE (HG Image) (XG Image)
Port 1192.168.40.210GbE (HG or XG Image)
SBCPort 0Manually set to
Port 1Static or Dynamic (User Configurable)10GbE
To make sure the SBC Ports are detected when Windows is installed, please install the relevant driver as explained in the Windows 10 installation knowledgebase.

Please note that the default image resides on the flash of X310 and is automatically loaded on the boot. Using the SFP 1, the X310 of the USRP 2974 can also be directly accessed (from an external host PC) without SBC intervention.

Using SFP with NI USRPRIO Drivers:
When using NI USRPRIO drivers, the 10GbE physical layer can be added to the FPGA (X310). The NI LabVIEW programming path (accessible when Windows is installed on SBC) provides shipping reference projects and community examples that can be modified and used for NI USRP 2974 as well. A similar implementation can also be performed for NI LabVIEW NXG.