InsightCM Test Connection Fails on Step 3

Updated Oct 26, 2021

Reported In


  • CompactRIO Chassis


  • InsightCM

Issue Details

I have connected my CMS device to the Network, when I test the connection from InsightCM web page, I receive the following error:

The device at XX.XX.XX.XX failed to connect to NI InsightCM Server at XX.XX.XX.XX on port 6343

To correct the server IP address and port, go to Options -> Server Settings -> Transceiver. If the address and port number are correct, ask a network administrator to ensure TCP communication between these addresses on port 6343 is allowed.

Error found in InsightCM when testing connection

How can I solve this issue?


The most common cause of this issue is that your firewall is blocking one of these ports
82TCP (inbound)HTTP Web Application
Not required if enabling connection to the web application via SSL.
482TCP (inbound)HTTP Web ApplicationOnly required if enabling connection to the web application via SSL.
5353UDP (inbound)    InsightCM Device CommunicationUsed to find devices on the server's subnet. Only affects the functionality of the "Browse" button when adding devices.
5672TCP (inbound)InsightCM Internal Service CommunicationOnly necessary if using the SDK to communicate with the server form another device.
6343TCP (inbound)InsightCM Device Web ServiceRetrieves device information relating to hardware, system health, and connection. Also, sends commands, such as reboot, to the device.
8002TCP (outbound)InsightCM Device CommunicationSends measurement and system data from a device to the server.
49580TCP (outbound)InsightCM OPC Historian CommunicationNeeds to be opened in the firewall in order for the OPC server to communicate out.
3580TCP (outbound)
Application Image Deployment
80TCP (outbound)
Application Image Deployment

If your IT department confirms that these ports are open, please contact NI support