NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT: Hex 0x8005442B

Updated Nov 5, 2021

Reported In


  • LabVIEW


  • NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT

Issue Details

I have a LabVIEW project involving an RT target set as an EtherCAT master. When trying to deploy my code, I receive the error:
NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT: (Hex 0x8005442B) The scan rate cannot be changed while the NI Scan Engine is in Active mode. Change the NI Scan Engine to Configuration mode to change the scan rate.
Deployment completed with errors.

How do I resolve this issue and deploy my slave?


This error comes about from the tie-in between the Scan Engine and the EtherCAT plugin, where the EtherCAT slave states correspond to certain scan engine modes. See EtherCAT Slave Device State Transition for more detail.

Ensure that your scan engine is set to configuration mode before deploying the code. You can do this in the LabVIEW Project by right-clicking the RT target -> Utilities -> Scan Engine -> Set to Config mode.
Alternatively, use "Set Scan Engine Mode " in your code to ensure that your scan engine is in configuration mode before driving the EtherCAT to active.