Finding the NI myRIO Connectors in Multisim

Updated Oct 5, 2021



  • LabVIEW myRIO Toolkit
  • Multisim

NI myRIO is an embedded hardware device designed specifically for students to enable the design of real, complex engineering systems in college and universities. Students use the NI LabVIEW graphical programming language to program a field-programmable-gate-array  (FPGA) on the NI myRIO to perform controls, robotics and mechatronics tasks. In many projects, NI myRIO represents just one part of a complete system with a need for analog circuitry to either signal condition, or a physical plant on which the algorithm acts. The various accessories connect to NI myRIO in the following ports:

To learn more about NI myRIO click here.

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Within it is possible to place down the NI myRIO connectors illustrating how the circuit will be connected to the NI myRIO. To find and place the connectors:
  1. Select Place » Component from the menu bar. This will open the component browser.
  2. Choose the following parameters as displayed in figure 3.
Database: Master Database
Group: NI_Components
Family: myRIO
Component: myRIO_MXP

This provides access to the NI myRIO connector.
Figure 3 – NI myRIO Component Database
  1. With the NI myRIO_MXP selected, click OK.
  1. The NI myRIO connector is a multi-section component allowing the student to place the IO sections on the schematic they will be using. Select the sections that are planned to be use:
               AI – Analog input channels
               AO – Analog output channels
               DIO – Digital input and output channels
               UART – Serial communication channels
               POWER – Power supply channels

Note – The NI myRIO has two MXP connectors so up to two of these multi-section components can be placed on a schematic for use with a single NI myRIO.
Figure 4 shows the section selector pane and the sections placed on the schematic.
Figure 4 – Multi-section component for NI myRIO MXP connector
The NI myRIO also has a mini system port (MSP) this is the same as used on the NI myDAQ so the students can use the NI myDAQ connector to gain access to this IO.
Database: Master Database
Group: NI_Components
Family: myDAQ
Component: NI-myDAQ

The NI myDAQ connector component can be seen in Figure 5.
Figure 5 -Selection and placement of the myDAQ connector for using the mini-system (MSP) port on the NI myRIO