Synchronizing PXI Controller Running Phar Lap With NI Timing Module

Updated Apr 28, 2023



  • PXI Controller
  • PXI-6683

Synchronizing an NI PXI controller running Phar Lap with NI timing module (such as PXI-6683, PXI-6683H, etc.) needs additional steps. This article will explain how to complete this configuration from a host that is connected to the RT controller over ethernet.

These are the steps required to sync the clock of Phar Lap controller with time reference from the NI timing module (PXI-6683, PXI-6683H):

  1. Install the compatible NI-Sync software to your host computer.
  2. Using NI-MAX, install the "NI-TimeSync Time Reference for NI-Sync devices" on the PXI controller
  3. Using NI-MAX, get the device name for the timing module.
  4. Using your preferred FTP client, connect to the Phar Lap device and open ‘/ni-rt/system/ni-timesync/ni-timesync-nisync.ini’
  5. Set the 'source.nisync.deviceName=<device_name_from_step_3>', save and restart the remote system.

NI PXI-6683 is capable of synchronizing with various sources, such as GPS, IRIG-B, PPS, and PTP. Check the device user manual for the details related to other requirements and configurations.