Error -67000 When Starting LabVIEW Web Service

Updated Jan 3, 2024

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I built a LabVIEW Web Service project and when I start the web service, I get the following error:

There was an error running the web service on the debug server: Error -67000 occurred at NI Web Service Provider.lvlib:Elevated

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: (Hex 0xFFFEFA48) LabVIEW Web Services: A LabVIEW internal error occurred.

Complete call chain:
     NI Web Service Provider.lvlib:Elevated
     NI Web Service Debug.lvlib:Copy INI
     NI Web Service Debug.lvlib:Copy
     NI Web Service Debug.lvlib:Debug Web
     NI Web Service
     NI Web Service




To solve this issue, you should launch LabVIEW with administrator privileges. You can right-click the LabVIEW shortcut or EXE and select Run as administrator.

By doing this, you will be able to start your LabVIEW Web Service without getting this error.