Troubleshoot Flexlogger: Flexlogger Works, but I Cannot Detect or Install Hardware

Updated Nov 2, 2023



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The focus of this guide is to help start troubleshooting Flexlogger Hardware Detection and Installation issues, this is part of a collection of guides aimed at troubleshooting Flexlogger. If "hardware installation" is not the problem being experienced head back to the Overview of Topics.

This guide is split into general troubleshooting steps and a number of more specific examples of potential issues. The specific examples should not be treated as a list of steps to work through, rather a set of examples that can help you in your troubleshooting process. (Though they may be the answer!)

By the end of this article, you can expect to have been through the generalised troubleshooting steps common to this topic area. By reading through the specific examples, you will know more search terms related to "Flexlogger hardware installation" that can help inspire questions and different ways to look at the problem.

The first step should be to check the Flexlogger Manual for any tools or relevant information regarding installation.

The most common problem is hardware compatibility which can be evaluated from the Release Notes.

Generic Troubleshooting steps:

The following steps follow a methodical approach, each step has an increased level of effort than the previous step.
  1. Verify compatibility of NI-DAQmx, NI-XNET and Flexlogger with the hardware using the relevant Readmes.
  2. Check firewall settings and firmware if using an Ethernet DAQ device
  3. Try uninstalling previous versions linked and used by Flexlogger (e.g. NI-DAQmx or NI-XNET dependencies)
  4. If receiving DAQmx Errors into MAX (like -229771), the MAX Database could be corrupted. Resetting the MAX database can resolve the issue.
  5. Reinstall MAX and DAQmx

Specific Troubleshooting Example:

The following example is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all potential problems. However, it can be used to help identify useful search terms by introducing keywords important to the troubleshooting of this topic
  • There can be several issues or errors if using an existing application limited to a previous specific DAQmx or MAX version. It is highly recommended to install the version provided with the current Flexlogger installer. The requirement is the latest version of DAQmx and NI-XNET or higher

Next Steps

If you are still experiencing a problem then either head back to the list of troubleshooting topics or look at the next troubleshooting guide: Hardware Works but Returns Incorrect Values