How to Call VeriStand Screen Using TestStand

Updated Sep 29, 2023



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This article outlines the steps to call VeriStand Screen using TestStand.

There are three methods to call VeriStand Screen using TestStand:

Programmatically Launch VeriStand Screen

You can Run VeriStand Operations Using the Command Line . The attachment "ASAM XIL" contains a VI example that calls the VeriStand project editor, and the sequence file shows a demonstration of this method.

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Adding XML Element to VeriStand ASAM port configuration XML file

If you are using ASAM XIL Steps for NI TestStand to automate VeriStand from a TestStand sequence, you can add ShowUIManagerProject or ShowVeriStandScreen tag and set to true in your ASAM Port Configuration File. (Note: Choose the tag depend on the version of the port configuration file you using. If you are using a port configuration with version 2019.0.0.0 or earlier, then ShowUIManagerProject can be used, otherwise ShowVeriStandScreen.)

This demonstration uses one of the example in TestStand public directory.

1. Open the example project with the VeriStand Project Explorer.exe. You should found the VeriStand project on path TestStand Public Directory\Examples\ASAM XIL\VeriStand Project.
2. Right click to User Interface and select Add UI Manager Project. 
3. Add the ASAM XIL.nivsprj file that is shipped with the example.
Added UI in VeriStand Project
4. Save the project.
5. Open FrameworkConfiguration.xml and set the ProductVersion tag to match the version of VeriStand you use.
<MAPortDefinition InstanceName="MA Port" InitOrder="1" ShutdownOrder="1" TargetState="eSIMULATION_RUNNING">
      <VendorName>National Instruments</VendorName>
      <ProductName>NI VeriStand ASAM XIL Interface</ProductName>
6. Open MaPortConfiguration.xml. Add the ShowVeriStandScreen tag and set to true as shown below: 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<NIVSPortConfig xmlns:xsi="">
  <Version Major="2017" Minor="0" Fix="1" Build="0" />
  <Project>..\VeriStand Project\ASAM XIL.nivsproj</Project>
7. Launch TestStand and open the sequence file named Framework Creation.seq from the example folder.
8. Execute the second sequence call. The VeriStand editor of the shipping example will be called out.
TestStand Sequence

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Manually open VeriStand Screen before starting TestStand sequences

1. Open VeriStand project screen.
2. Execute the TestStand sequence after the VeriStand project screen is loaded.

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