Does MP300 TC3 Support Clock Stop ?

Updated Apr 8, 2024

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  • Micropross Accessories


Hardware: MP300 TC3

Software: MPManager user interface
or test application developed the by the end user


Issue Details

Some smart cards support clock stop, can MP300 TC3 also support it?


MP300 TC3 supports clock stop.

MP300 TC3 is able to stop or resume the clock applied to a smart card.
Times Tg and Th, as defined in ISO7816-3 need to be provided as parameters to the function.

Tg: Number of clock cycles while the clock must be kept running after the I/O line remains at Z state
before stopping the clock (default is 1,860). Maximum value is 65,535 clock cycles.

Th: Number of clock cycles before the exchange on the I/O line after a clock resume.

Clock Stop can also be done by sequencer

Additional Information

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