EMVCo PICC Analog Test Result Transaction NOK Error at WakeUPA

Updated Apr 7, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW: Contactless Test Station (CTS)
SW: MPManager, EMVCo PICC Analog Test Suite

Issue Details

I am running the EMVCo PICC Analog test suite and although I am confident the card should pass, I am receiving the message: Transation NOK Error at WakeUPA Receive timeout has been reached The PICC does not function properly under maximum conditions of field intensity

The analog graphs still look correct. Why am I receiving this message?


It is likely that you settings in Test Suite Configuration are incorrect. The test suite needs to confirm the APDU chain that it will use for the transaction is the same one that the PICC under test is using. This error will be seen when the transaction used for the test does not match the transaction produced by the PICC under test.

Click on Test Suite Configuration > Option and scroll down until you see the menu items pictured below. Then, make sure the Device Information section properly reflects the information about the PICC under test. In particular, ensure the Device technology section is correct.

We recommend clicking on Detect EMV Transaction in order to have the test suite automatically probe the PICC for the correct APDU chain to use with your PICC under test.