Passing Criteria on ISO PICC RF Test Case 7.2.4

Updated Apr 2, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW: CTS + ISO tower
SW: MPManager + ISO PICC RF Test Suite

Issue Details

I am running test case 7.2.4 from the ISO PICC RF test suite, to measure the resonant frequency of my PICC. The test suite says my device passed, but I can't see the criteria.

What is the passing criteria for this test case?


The test case is an informative test, meaning the results are not compared against any actual criteria and are provided solely to inform the user of the result. Although NFC is performed at 13.56 MHz, PICCs have different tunings and there are no official pass/fail criteria set forth by ISO.

For more in-depth test for resonant frequency, you can use the RESONANCE FREQUENCY section of the Test tab in MPManager to customize parameters such as frequency range, step size, and power.