Acceptance Criteria For ISO Test Case 7.2.5

Updated Mar 31, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW: CTS + ISO Tower
SW: MPManager + ISO PICC Test Suite

Issue Details

I just ran test case 7.2.5 of the ISO test suite and the acceptance criteria seem to contradict the test result. For instance, the value for Hc measured is less than Hmin, which should fail, but the Acceptance criteria is displayed as Hc <= Hmin as shown below.
Why do the acceptance criteria seem to contradict the result?


The text displayed in Acceptance criteria is dynamic, and will change depending on the test result. This does not mean the acceptance criteria change, it simply means the value displayed will change. The color of the acceptance criteria result reflects a pass or fail verdict.

In this case, Hc was less than the minimum value of Hmin, so this result of   is displayed in red. Had the test passed, meaning Hc was greater than Hmin, the value displayed would be Hc > Hmin and would be displayed in green.