Power Supply Cable of the Denso Robot Controller Is Delivered Not Wired.

Updated Apr 8, 2021

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HW: Denso controller power supply cable

Issue Details

Due to European Norm and to keep CE mark on the product National Instruments is delivering,
we are not allowed to modify the Denso equipment package before shipping them to end user anymore.
As a result, the power supply cable of the Denso Robot controller is delivered not wired.


Denso Robotics recommend the use of a high frequency-proof leakage breaker for inverters.
MCCB 12.5A  Cable 1.5mm² Current 10A

Recommended circuit breaker example : CP33V/15 (Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co., Ltd.) 

Additional Information

  • Note: Using a circuit breaker with breaking capacity lower than the following specification may cause the circuit breaker to be shut down due to robot operation

  • The robot controler can be supplied in three modes:

-Three-phase, 200V AC
-Single-phase, 230V AC
-Single-phase, 100V AC