Determine the Argument Number Order of a Property Node

Updated Oct 27, 2020



  • LabVIEW

I'm getting the message about an error which occurred at Property Node.

How do I know which property I have to look at?

The error massage gives you the position of the property within the property node, which creates the error.
In the example error above, you see (arg2), so you have to check the second property from the top of the property node.

If you change the order of the properties in the property node, also the argument number will change.

If you have more than one property node for the same object, each property node starts to count again at arg1, so you have to check first, which property nodes generate the error.

Additional Information

The node executes from top to bottom. The Property Node does not execute if an error occurs before it executes, so always check for the possibility of errors. If an error occurs in a property, LabVIEW ignores the remaining properties and returns an error.