Robot Not Moving During Test Cases in EMVCo PCD Test Suite

Updated Mar 25, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories

Issue Details

I have been observing the Denso robot during the execution of the EMVCo PCD Analog test suite and have discovered that it sometimes is not capturing the waveform at the proper height in the operating volume.

For example, when running test case TA124.2.2.000, the robot will remain at the z=4 position, when it is supposed to be at the z=0 position for this test.

Why is this happening?


In the interest of saving time, when running through an entire test session of all tests, the test suite will sometimes "re-use" an older capture at the same location to analyze, rather than moving to the test position and re-capturing the signal. 

When this occurs, the robot will not move to the new location, but will instead analyze a previously capture waveform. The waveform analysis display will update like it normally does, so it can appear as if it is capturing and analyzing at the wrong position. However, it is simply recalling an older capture and analyzing it.

This behavior is seen in particular for cases TA124 of the EMVCo PCD test suite.

Note that if you select only these tests and run the test suite, you should observe the robot moving to each location to capture the data. You will only see the robot not moving to accomplish this in the context of a full test run.