Cannot Start MP007 Spy Capture in MPManager

Updated Mar 24, 2020

Issue Details

I'm trying to capture a two-way transaction using my MP007 and MPManager. I was able to capture a transaction on the SD card without MPManager. However, when I press the Spy triangle button in MPManager nothing happens.

What is the issue?


Most commonly this kind of error is a result of a bus conflict. Here are some steps to try:
  1. First, make sure the firmware is up to date. For the most recent firmware version, visit your download center and navigate to Downloads > MP007
  2. Ensure the unit can capture a transaction on the SD card in standalone mode, without the use of MPManager and the USB cable connection
  3. When capturing with MPManager, be sure to remove the SD card from the unit
  4. Do not use MPManager version 3.8.0, as it has some display issues when used with the MP007
  5. Try using a different USB port on your PC, and be sure to not use a USB hub with the MP007
  6. Be sure to use the USB cable that came with the unit, or try a different cable if that one is defective
  7. Check to make sure the unit is available in Windows Device Manager
  8. Run MPManager as Administrator, by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Run as Administrator
  9. Turn on Continuous Flow in MPManager via Settings > Spy > Activate continuous flow for MP007 Spy
If problems persist, contact NI NFC support at