How Can I Display a Message if the TestStand MainSequence Failed or was Terminated?

Updated Jun 3, 2020

Reported In


  • TestStand


  • TestStand 2019

Issue Details

  • I want to modify the Sequential Process Model and display a custom message if the MainSequence step failed or was terminated by the user.


Note: modifying the default process model of TestStand may result in unexpected behaviors. Save a copy of the original sequence file before performing any change.


You can use a Precondition to allow a Message Popup or Sequence Call step to run if any of those conditions is met.


  1. Open the Sequential Model file located in %TestStand 2019%\Components\Models\TestStandModels\SequentialModel.seq.
  2. Navigate to the Single Pass sequence (execution entry point).
  3. Insert a Message Popup step after the MainSequence Callback step.
  4. Right click the Message Popup step and select New Subsequence from Steps > Without Preview.
  5. Navigate to the Step Properties tab and select Preconditions.
  6. In the Precondition Expression text field, enter the following expression: AnyOf(RunState.Sequence.Main["MainSequence Callback"].Result.Status == "Terminated" , RunState.Sequence.Main["MainSequence Callback"].Result.Status == "Failed")